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DayTwo 8/31/13


Monterey, Ca—->San Francisco, Ca


got some decent sleep but right back at it..headed out to breakfast first, then off to SF.


stretch break. just north of Santa Cruz.


just pulled into SF. fckin traffic. chilled for a sec then up to Twin Peaks.


Twin Peaks.


Eye on the left squinting..cuzzin/roll/road dog Jun on the right.

We fckin’ made it!!


thennn..leaving Twin Peaks my bike stalls out coming to a stop. won’t start right away. then it starts but won’t hold an idle. Fuck!

fuel leaked during the process. bike flooded=wet spark plugs. elevation and air quality really do effect the way carburetors function.

I was NOT about to get stuck all the way up here.

coasted down the hill in neutral to the gas station on the corner. luckily the attendant was cool with me working on my bike there.

no choice but to get to work…




spark plugs were definitely wet but not soaked. cleaned them off the best I could with what I had. put her back together. fingers crossed, I try to start her. it takes a couple tries but she fires up slowly. I hold the throttle open ‘til she warms up. with the needle rising on the temp gauge, I slowly back off the throttle. She holds an idle!

Relief! I didn’t care how cold and misty it was at that point. We were back in business.

It’s dark. unfamiliar territory. We’re done riding for the night. well, we think we’re done. one phone dead. nowhere to sleep yet. We cross the street to Starbucks for something warm to drink and to find a hotel.

We find a spot but it’s in south SF. that means a short freeway trip in the mist with our visors up..off we go.



made it to the spot safe. day 2 was just as challenging.

"Did that just really happen?"

DayOne 8/30/13


Vista, Ca—->Monterey, Ca


the start of our first road trip. topping off the tanks. 5:30 a.m.


Malibu. stopped for brunch.


Sun falling. coming up on Big Sur.


Big Sur. water/stretch break. it’s officially cold.



last shot of the night. still about 50 miles of cold, slightly foggy, twisty coastal road until Monterey. the last stretch. the most difficult. we wanted to hit the road and the road hit us back, hard.

After 4xx miles, we made it. finally off the road and into a hotel at 11:30 p.m.


Labor Day Weekend Ride 2013

a couple years ago two of my cousins and I talked about riding our motorcycles up to San Francisco. Scheduling conflicts in the past caused plans to fall through but we set a date this year and stuck to it. Even though one had to cancel, we were still going. we finally made it happen.

here’s a quick summary…

You Are Everything and Everything Is You.

Gina Loring//You Move Me

Creation IS Sacred.

it’s the Space where vapor is visualized.

where floating forms shift,

logic dismissed.

end of worry.

Heart of a new story.


as Real as I write this,

a brighter shade of Bliss.

I walk with the Peace of this memory.



Stand for something or fall for anything.

—Malcolm X

change/the future belongs to those who are unafraid to break the rules of the current system.

who are you working/living for?

In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

—George Orwell

night vision•••navigation

night vision•••navigation

venture outside of yourself for a new/real perspective.

learn something.


One and the Same.

Inner space.

fabrics of timeless looms,

handless too.

energy of that Infinite entity,


weaving the very codes of Home,

of Whole within.

bearing new hues,

shapes shift unrestrained.


We are…

One and the Same.