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respect perspective.

stay open.

We can take it there.

anywhere We want.

it’s Ours to Create.

stretch your brain out in the morning and it won’t cramp during the day

Friedrich Nietzsche-Human, All Too Human

Friedrich Nietzsche-Human, All Too Human

getting acquainted/quick sketch/stock sounds.

new days/new waves
Maschine mk2.

new days/new waves

Maschine mk2.

Love and Trust

Trust in Love

women make the world go ‘round.

contact h(eye)gh

the fire in Her eyes blazing.

She dared me to stare

unaware I was born there.

not one to turn one down

so I did without hesitation.

three seconds in,

She smiled.

She knew who I was entirely.

laughing with the Sun at all the hype.

carry on kids.

carry on.

the Sun inside of you is always rayning

put your umbrellas away


I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

—Albert Einstein

synchronize circuitry

synchronize circuitry



How do you feel about living in a system that’s been engineered to break you down?